Scent Box

The Scent Box is small but powerful, allowing it to diffuse aroma up to 5000 cubic meters through the air conditioning system. Sold in over more than a dozen countries, ES1500AC is reliable, easy to install, and with dual pumps that be controlled separately. An intelligent microcomputer system controls the working time and aroma concentration based on the desired setting. Using patented technology of micron atomization enhances the aroma to spread quickly, fresher, and more lasting in the interior space.
More Details
- Machine Dimensions: W165 x D303 x H192 mm
- Weight (Net): 7.25 kg
- Bottle Capacity: 500 ml x 2
- Coverage (volume/area): 5,000 cbm / 1,500 sqm
- Voltage: DC 12V
- Power Rating: 16W
- Installation: HVAC
- Color: Black