Hang Ten

Hang Ten is handy and designed to be placed on the ceiling. It is ideal for individual outlets, small-sized lobby areas of hotels. It has a lightweight body, making it a practical choice. The device holds a 500ml container good to last 2-3 months, depending on the operational setting enabling it to retain the choice of scents.
More Details
- Machine Dimensions: W150 x D150 x H315 (free standing) / W150 x D150 x H323 mm (ceiling)
- Weight (Net): 1.8 kg
- Bottle Capacity: 500 ml
- Coverage (volume/area): 1,500 cbm / 500 sqm
- Consumption (+/-5%): 3.5 ml per hour
- Voltage: DC 12V
- Power Rating: 12W
- Installation: Wall mounted / Free standing / Ceiling
- Color: White