Espri-10 is as light and quiet as a Persian cat. She can be wall-mounted or rested on counter-top or shelves. She purrs unique breadth of EspriScent gently, like light mist softly diffused into the air. With less than 4 milliliters of fragrance oil usage per day, you can invigorate the atmosphere of the entire office or shop, delighting everyone within. The fragrance oil bottle is environmentally friendly and recyclable, which can be easily replaced after use.
More Details
- Machine Dimensions: W147 x D84 x H202 mm
- Packing Dimensions: W300 x D190 x H130 mm
- Weight (Net): 0.75 kg
- Bottle Capacity: 200 ml
- Coverage (volume/area): 300 cbm / 100 sqm
- Voltage: DC 12V
- Power Rating: 4.8W
- Installation: Wall mounted / Free standing
- Color: White