• EspriScent for Office

    Add Accents to Your Office Space

  • Introducing EspriScent Office

    Bringing nature to your workplace

    An office is a place where the majority of people spend most of their time during the day. EspriScent believes the work environment can be made happy, comfortable and enjoyable, and ambience scenting is a powerful tool to leverage on. As the invisible aroma of delightful fragrances is spread in the air, the mood and ambience of the whole space are instantly refreshed and uplifted.


    With the well-being of your employees in mind, EspriScent specially select fragrances that contain natural essential oils, offering benefits ranging from relieving stress, overcoming fatigue, enhancing memory to increasing confidence, allowing you to create not only a pleasant but also healthy work environment.


    Adopt EspriScent’s scent technology in your reception, walkways, communal areas, and even meeting rooms, to greet your employees and visitors with love and care!

    Fragrance Collection

    EspriScent uses the highest quality ingredients for our fragrance oils and we offer a vast repertoire of fragrances that allow you to design your office environment. Below is just a selected few of the many scents available from our library.

    Device Collection

    EspriScent offers a wide range of scent diffusing machines for scenting different sizes of space with installation options from floor standing, wall or ceiling mounting to AHU connection.

    Contact us to obtain fragrance samples or to discuss the best scenting solution that suits your office.

  • Fragrance Collection

    There is a fragrance for every office space.


    The Invigorating Elixir

    Needing a recharge from a long exhausting meeting or extra brain power for a challenging project? The reliable and assuring woody aroma from CARDAMOM and VETIVER soothes the tension and tiredness away, revitalises your body and mind, giving you the needed wakefulness and concentration.


    Essential Oil:

    Cardamom, Vetiver



    Invigorate and overcome fatigue, relieve anxious tension, enhance wakefulness for better focus and concentration.

    Tender Earth

    The Rhythm of Serenity

    Care for your employees’ well-being by bringing the tenderness and warmth of nature to the office. Scent of CLARY SAGE flows with the wind to greet the elegant LAVENDER and the assuring CEDARWOOD, creating a symphony audible only to the earth. As nature gently awakens budding plants, calmness and wellness is restored, receiving the hope and strength to journey on.


    Essential Oil:

    Lavender, Clary Sage, Cedarwood



    Reduce stress, relieve anxious tension, ease depression and sorrow, ease insomnia, enhance memory.

    Oriental Zest

    The Assured Confidence

    In the face of fierce market competition, your employees need to know that they are supported, trusted and empowered. Extracted from the bark of cedar trees, the woodsy scent of CEDARWOOD brings along the superior weathering capability of the enormous tree, secured and firmly anchored for any situation. Infused with the musky sweet PATCHOULI and the spicy NUTMEG, one’s deepest potential and strength is called out, confident and ready for more challenges.


    Essential Oil:

    Cedarwood, Nutmeg, Patchouli



    Relieve anxious tension and anger, build confidence, natural brain tonic, increase overall efficiency with enhanced concentration.