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  • Create a brand impression that lingers

    Ambient scenting is about spreading the aroma of delightful fragrances in the air. It envisages the powerful world of beauty in the air through scents that create a pleasant environment, adds personality to space and curate positive and memorable experiences and sensations.


    Whether your space is a larger property space – such as an airport, a shopping mall or a large hotel lobby, or a smaller one like a retail shop, boutique hotel and beauty salon and spa, adopt EspriScent’s scent technology to build a multifaceted brand image or to embellish an established one. Leverage on aroma to enhance recognition and recollection of your brand, enrich the in-store experience, build a positive connection and increase engagement with your customers.

    Fragrance Collection

    EspriScent uses the highest quality ingredients for our fragrance oils and we offer a vast repertoire of fragrances that allow you to design your space with a distinctive experience. Below is just a selected few of the many scents available from our library.

    Device Collection

    EspriScent offers a wide range of scent diffusing machines for scenting different sizes of space with installation options from floor standing, wall or ceiling mounting to AHU connection.


    Contact us to obtain fragrance samples or to discuss the best scenting solution that suits your business needs.

  • Product Showcase

    There is a fragrance and a device for every space, every season.