• EspriScent

    Spread the Aroma of Love and Joy to Urban Spaces in the World

  • Our Vision

    EspriScent is a Singapore-based scent specialist with a vision to spread the aroma of love and joy to urban spaces in the world. At EspriScent, we design thoughtfully deliberated and integrated ambient scenting solutions that deliver:

    • Personification – uniquely identifies business and living spaces.
    • Positive Energy & Wellness – lifts the moods of people within.
    • Care for the Environment – reflects the concerns of today’s global community.

    About EspriScent

    EspriScent is the union of the artistry and science of Scents with the technical expertise of Delivery Systems to enhance commercial, office and living spaces throughout the world. Incorporated in Singapore, EspriScent management has been in the fragrance industry and equipment manufacturing with a collective experience of more than 30 years.


    We love scents and believe that a pleasant aroma can bring love, joy and delight to one’s daily life, and we are passionate about bringing this to our customers around the world by having a heart to understand the needs of our customers and provide the best suited scenting solutions with our expertise.


    Our customers span Asia, Middle East, United States, and Europe. Development Centre is in Shanghai, China, and manufacturing and logistics in Guangzhou, China. The International Marketing and Sales team in Singapore is responsible for the sales partnership program as EspriScent endeavors to expand into new markets.