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  • Welcome to EspriScent

    Today, the multi-sensorial experience is ascendant for business to craft their commercial space and customer experience, and individuals for their daily lives.


    While humans use their five senses to interact with their surroundings, the importance of the sense of smell is often under-appreciated and yet it is the most sensitive one. Our sense of smell is connected to the part of the brain that controls memories and emotions. That is why a pleasant smell is powerful in curating fond memories and positive connections.


    Drawing inspiration from nature, EspriScent designs spaces with fragrances to give a sense of love, joy, freshness, happiness, vivaciousness, calmness or other distinctive moods in the ambience, as well as elements that shape pleasant recollections. Harnessing the technology of science, EspriScent personifies your space through scent, immersing the people within to an EspriScential wonder.

  • EspriScent for Office

    Introducing EspriScent Office! Create a pleasant and healthy environment
    with our specially selected fragrances that contain natural essential oils, bringing nature to the office.

  • Fragrance Collection

    There is a fragrance for every season.

  • Device Collection

    There is a device for every space.


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  • EspriScent for Business

    Adopt EspriScent’s scent technology to build a multifaceted brand image,
    enrich the in-store experience and increase engagement with your customers.